Atmospheric Process Research
15 Jun 2010





​​RADAR image of storm passing over Chilbolton


The activities of the CFARR Atmospheric Science Research Group are directed to studying atmospheric physical processes; in particular those involving cloud, rain, water vapour and aerosol.  Using measurements made with ground-based radars, lidars and radiometers, current research includes the establishment of spatial-temporal models of rain-rate variation, characterising water vapour density profile variations, and studying aerosal profile variations.

In addition, boundary layer processes are being studied using measurements of sensible heat flux, water vapour profiles and vertical wind profiles.  It is anticipated that those measurements will soon be complemented by in situ measurements of turbulence, humidity and temperature made using instruments carried beneath a captive balloon.

Research is also being undertaken to validate atmospheric data retrieved from Earth Observation satellite measurements; recently a technique was developed enabling CFARR radar measurements to be used to validate rainfall estimates made from data collected with the AMSU-B radiometer, which is carried on a number of NOAA satellites.

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