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The podcast of the RAL Space Science and Technology Department

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In This Edition

Brian Swinyard
Bruce Swinyard tells us about RAL’s work on the Herschel Space Observatory and in particular the SPIRE instrument (Spectral and Photometric Imaging Receiver) which is being lead from the UK
Herschel spacecraft

Helen Walker
Helen Walker talks to Katy Astley about the ESA Mars Express mission and it’s discoveries. Helen also helps ESA plan and command the science operations from RAL and we find out some of the difficulties of setting priorities for such an important scientific mission.
Mars Express

Bob Bingham
Bob Bingham also tells us about Mars, but from a more human angle. He discusses the possibility of sending humans to Mars and the problems that would have to be overcome to get them there.
Mars surface (Credit: ESA)

Danielle Bewsher
Presented By Danielle Bewsher

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