FMOS cryocooler installation

RAL Space have extensive experience in the design, specification and procurement of space hardware.

Recent examples include:

  • Thermal strap design (FMOS, SPIRE, JWST MIRI, VISTA)

  • Cryocooler specification and procurement (VISTA, JWST MIRI Cryogenic Test Facility, FMOS)

  • High accuracy thermal control system design (JWST MIRI Cryogenic Test Facility)

  • Solar absorber unit design and manufacture (Beagle 2)

  • Test assembly design (SDO CEB)

  • LN2 precooling thermal shield design (FMOS)

  • Thin film heater specification and integration (VISTA, TOPSAT, JWST MIRI, Beagle 2)

  • Multi-Layer Insulation integration (STEREO, TOPSAT, SMART-1 DCIXS, JWST MIRI, Beagle 2)
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