Cryogenic systems

Cryogenic system
Cryogenic system

RAL Space have specialist capability in cryogenic systems engineering for space projects. We are involved throughout the full project life cycle, and have the expertise to cover all areas of instrument design and testing. A number of project dedicated cryostats are currently being used to verify flight hardware designed and built at RAL.

Our cryogenic project experience includes:

  • JWST MIRI (6 K)
  • SPIRE (0.3 K)
  • Planck HFI (0.1 K)
  • FMOS and VISTA (both 70 K)

We have close links with the Cryogenic Cooler Group (link opens in a new window) here at RAL, who have many years experience in the development of closed cycle coolers for space applications. RAL's 80K Stirling-cycle coolers continue to function excellently in orbit on ATSR-2 (launched 1995).

We also work closely with RAL Space's Mechanical Engineering Group who also have extensive experience of cryogenic systems.

The Advanced Materials Group provide us with access to material testing facilities and support in the design novel materials.

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